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Biomedical Applications provides data access and management services in support of biomedical research computing at Indiana University. Biomedical Applications procures and hosts relevant data collections for local use and creates services that optimize access to local and external data collections. Biomedical Applications provides expert consultation to researchers on the methods and tools available to them for accessing and managing data, including bioinformatics-specific tools such as the NCBI Entrez Programming Utilities (eUtils).



Short term and long term consulting is available for biomedical researchers interested in help determining the right way to manage their data and/or in help making use of bioinformatics tools such as the NCBI Entrez Programming Utilities (eUtils). Let us advise on what services and software to use and potentially partner with you to build successful data management applications and new services.

Please send comments and questions regarding our services to data @


  • Biomedical Applications is the home of the Informatics Core for the Collaborative Initiative on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (CIFASD). CIFASD is an international consortium working to discover new interventions, diagnoses, and treatments of children affected by prenatal drinking. Biomedical Applications provides distributed data management for the consortium.
  • The Coordinating Center of the National Gene Vector Laboratories maintains a Pharmacology/ Toxicology Database for specific vectors. Biomedical Applications develops and maintains the code for this database, a Linux/PHP/MySQL application.

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